Information Collection and Use: 
bde collects and uses your personal information in its normal course of business for the following purposes: establishing and maintaining communications with you; responding to your inquiries about job applications, PR and communications resources, our services, and other services; making proposals for future service needs.

Your Information:

  • We collect your information at events (both our own and our clients), via networking (in person or online), or standard business operations (i.e. professional collaborations, media contact updates, etc.). We input any contact information that you have given us into a private bde database.
  • We do not share your information with any third parties unless we have your explicit permission to do so. Your information remains only in our database. We do use a third party database for sending out newsletters, and this is done via our own private account.
  • Your contact information is used by bde only for invites to events, our clients’ latest news, and bde updates.
  • You can update your information or unsubscribe at any time by writing directly to us here

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how your data is processed and used at bde, please get in touch