Mothers, Daughters, Work: what’s it like to run a company together?

Mothers, Daughters, Work: what’s it like to run a company together?

In thinking about women’s equality, and mothers and daughters, we took a moment to reflect on one mother-daughter relationship that is central to our company’s foundation & success.

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Beth Dickstein, Founder & CEO

As some of you may know, my daughter and I work together. And as of October, for 19 years.

There’s so much good about it – trust, growth, travel, shared goals, togetherness. Imagine, too, getting to watch your child’s career grow in front of your eyes.

Is it always great? 

Let’s be honest. Is anything always great?

We are different – yet very much the same.

Starting the company, I had to be a risk taker and develop (as I didn’t have it at the beginning) entrepreneurial thinking. I loved design from an early age. I started the company when my children were grown.

She’s less of a risk taker, and more pragmatic. She loves to do a great job, and the love of design came later. She got married and had a child during these years. Different!

We just took our first vacation together in these 18+ years – and didn’t discuss work once!  It was fun, refreshing and loving. 

One piece of advice for other mothers and daughters working together?  Love outweighs disagreements or differences. Keep that in mind when the going is rocky.

We know we are lucky. Karen, what do you think?

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Karen Brooking, Vice President

Since my earliest memory, I can recall having the utmost admiration for my mother. Her humor, her love, her dedication to family and friends, her hard-working nature and so much more. How fortunate was I to have the opportunity to continue learning from her as an adult, working hard together towards a common goal.

We are the same in our loyalty to our company, our passion for the industry and our clients, belief in each other and our incredible sense of humors. Our differences balance each other out and fuel our conviction and drive.

To this day, I am still in awe of the chance she took when she started the company and have complete admiration for what she has built, along with her reputation and genuine connections in the industry. She has stayed true to herself: what you see is what you get, and what you get is pretty incredible.

My advice to other mother/daughter colleagues: focus on the big picture -- the “prize” -- and not the small challenges that arise on the journey.

Here’s to another 19 years of adventure…

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