bde Guide to NYCxDESIGN 2017

Your guide to all things NYCxDESIGN is here!

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Inside you’ll find a round-up of the most exciting events, must-see exhibitions, and need-to-know info on your favorite brands presenting at ICFF, WantedDesign, & more. This year, we’re also including our inaugural bde Guide to NYC restaurants, complete with recommendations from bde and friends for everything from a quick drink to a dinner to impress.

You’ll see we’ve included a few key events at NYCxDESIGN that have already passed, like Collective Design Fair. We were hoping to get this out earlier, but had to wait for SO MANY invites! Stay tuned for a recap of our favorites at these early shows after NYCxDESIGN has wrapped.

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Trends + Favorites at Salone del Mobile 2017

It’s been a whirlwind since Salone del Mobile last month. Can you believe that NYCxDESIGN starts tomorrow?

Before we dive into NYCxDESIGN, we asked our team to call out some of their favorite exhibitions at Milan Design Week, whether on the fairgrounds for Salone del Mobile or in town for Fuorisalone. What was your favorite? First, bde’s clients at the fair had an excellent showing. Check out the booths of DEDON, FLOS, nanimarquina, Molteni&C, and Louis Poulsen:


Around Salone del Mobile today. Scroll through to take a look at BDE’s clients! A post shared by bde (@bdebytes) on


In town, Alessi was everywhere from special exhibitions at La Triennale to the Elle Decor Concept Store. Fantini debuted a sleek new collection with designer Paik Sun Kim, while nanimarquina celebrated its 30th anniversary and Molteni&C introduced the industry to a new flagship store. FLOS, of course, had its party in town too. It was one of the busiest Salone trips in bde memory! See below for a few more of our favorites:

It was one of the busiest Salone trips in bde memory! See below for more favorites from the bde team, in their own words.


Alyssa Young: DEDON at Salone del Mobile

I really liked the faux pool display with the NESTREST. I found it clever the way the mirrors played a role in completing the “pool” and showed off the product from all sides. It was definitely a crowd favorite, given the constant flow and Instagram posts.

Beth Dickstein: Nendo and Airbnb!
Nendo – he was worth the wait! I went really early on Saturday morning. His simplicity and poetry to his work, coupled with understatement brings a true emotional reaction from me. And, he’s the master of the Instagram moment! It was excellent to see his genius at the FLOS booth in Euroluce as well. Airbnb – this was breathtaking. From the rooms to the objects in them. Most profound was the garden. It was serene. I sat for a good while and marveled at how the Italians know how to build around historic places.



IMG_3787 resized

Beth Massey: Foundation / Formafantasma
As a Euroluce year, it seems appropriate that my favorite thing would involve lighting, however much more surprising that it was at ‘Fuorisalone’ instead of at the fairgrounds. Formafantasma’s reopening of the beautiful Spazio Krizia was carefully planned out and, for me, the most museum-quality, thought-provoking exhibition in town. From the bamboo garden on the way in, to the opening room where everyone naturally quieted their voices and minds, each step gave history and evolution to the design duo’s work while begging the questions: Where does the light come from? And does the ‘where’ matter? As one editor put it on the streets of Milan: Foundation was a must-see, not only for what was shown but also to see the genesis of where they’re headed with collaborators like FLOS.


Karen Brooking: Salviati’s Exhibition at Ventura Centrale
The overall exhibition was unexpected and visually breathtaking. The juxtaposition of the unrefined walls of the tunnel and the bright, colorful and modern lighting was unique and just incredible. I could have stayed there forever and had different experiences from different areas in the space.

IMG_3736 resized

Kate Gagnon: The Supermarket at Ventura Lambrate
I loved the recreated supermarket at Ventura Lambrate. Not only did all the items “for sale” look just like the real thing, the designers repurposed materials from iconic design brands for a tongue-in-cheek display. Some of my favorites were the Republic of Fritz Hansen Lasagne and the Hygge in a Can.

IMG_3666 resized

Nicole Ciminera: Ventura Centrale
I thought the location and aesthetic of Ventura Centrale was really interesting. Each installation, while different, seemed to fit perfectly into the underground, abandoned warehouses that comprised the exhibit. I’m excited to see what the Ventura group brings to New York in May!

IMG_3699 resized

Also, thank you to all who used our Annual Salone Restaurant Guide!

Now, on to NYCxDESIGN – What are you most looking forward to? Stay tuned for our official guide to NYCxDESIGN later this week, which will include an in-depth roundup of our favorite places to eat in the city, alongside top picks for events, exhibitions, parties and more.

bde Social Byte: Social Springs Ahead

April Social Byte

Spring is the time to reinvigorate and re-energize, and social platforms are certainly capitalizing on the season for growth. Each key social media player has recently introduced a suite of offerings in an effort to gain new users, enhance the user experience and keep advertisers coming back for more.

Trends we’ve noticed: virtual reality and augmented reality gaining steam (see: Facebook Spaces and Snapchat World Lenses), the emphasis on live video growing rapidly (see: new info on Facebook Live) and an emphasis on a frictionless user experience (see: Instagram shopping capabilities).

Here’s our ten-minute roundup of the latest in the world of social media:


  • Facebook wants to read your mind: the social giant has announced plans for a system enabling users to type by thinking of what to say. With Facebook Live competing with television and Messenger opening up possibilities for online ordering and reservations, Facebook’s quest to leave no area untouched is well on its way.
  • Hang out with friends on Facebook’s new virtual reality app. Facebook Spaces is now available in the Oculus Store, where you can create a custom VR identity. However, Oculus headsets need to become mainstream for the app to really take off.
  • Facebook Stories has rolled out to all users – complete with filters, lenses and sponsored masks. Looks like the competition with Snapchat is as strong as ever.
  • The powerhouse now has 5 million active advertisers, while Messenger boasts more than 2 billion monthly active users.
  • Facebook Live is growing too: 20% of Facebook videos are live broadcasts, and big brands like Tiffany & Co and Bud Light are utilizing the feature for branding and showcasing events.
  • Facebook Analytics cam now track the cross-platform relationship between Page posts, brick-and-mortar store purchases, messenger bots and Facebook pages. What does this mean? It’s now easier than ever to track when brands’ social posts convert the audience to paying customers.


  • Snapchat, watch out: Instagram Stories announced 200 million daily active users, well above Snapchat’s recently reported 161 million daily active users. Instagram packs the punch with Instagram Direct, as 375 million monthly active users are now on the tool that includes disappearing photos and videos.
  • New social commerce capabilities encourage shopping: users can now click to access product details and go directly to a purchase page.
  • Bloggers are taking on the algorithm. Have you noticed influencers commenting on each other’s posts? You’re seeing the effects of Instagram Pods, where bloggers and other social influencers engage with each other’s accounts in a group effort to boost their photos’ appearance on the feed.


  • In-stream video ad format is now available. But can these new video ad capabilities really help Twitter keep up with the other social players?
  • To be a truly global platform, and to gain potential new users in areas with low connectivity, Twitter has launched Twitter Lite, which launches 30 percent faster and needs less than 1 MB of memory.



  • With pressure from Facebook and Instagram building (and even Whatsapp has Stories now), Snapchat has to innovate faster to maintain a competitive edge: the app recently introduced World Lenses, which add augmented reality elements to the photo.
  • Even Microsoft is trying to take a jab at Snapchat, launching a new A.I. powered camera app called Sprinkles.
  • Snapchat is bringing the heat back to Facebook and Youtube with new search capabilities. Users can search for Stories to watch based on topics.
  • New in store measurement tools: the Snap to Store product for advertisers measures in store visits as a result of Snapchat ad campaigns. More good news for advertisers: Snapchat opened up its API to encourage brands to buy sponsored geofilters programmatically.


  • Goodbye Like button: with amplified efforts to lessen its association to other social networks, Pinterest has dropped its like button and will be emphasizing the Save button in its place. Rather than connecting online with others, the platform is focusing on visual discovery and helping users implement ideas in the real world.

Frequent updates and new offerings across social channels demonstrate the ever-increasing importance of social media in brand strategy and marketing activations, and statistics reflect this trend: a new report indicates that social advertising spend is up more than 60 percent year over year.

Need to catch up on more social news? Read previous Social Bytes here and here, and let us know your thoughts at @bdebytes!