We’re Hiring: Senior Social Media & Content Manager

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bde is a boutique public relations and marketing agency with a focus on internationally-renowned brands in the fields of design and lifestyle – and we’re hiring!


First, 3 questions:

  • Are you a creative, passionate and self-motivated social media professional?
  • Do you have excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate with a variety of teams?
  • Can you manage and lead a social media marketing department while supporting top quality clients with both B2B and B2C campaigns?


If you answered YES to all three we’d love for you to apply for the Senior Social Media & Content Manager role.


HOW TO APPLY: In a cover letter, tell us how your experience will benefit bde. Email all cover letters with resumes to workatbde@gmail.com with “Senior Social Content Manager” in the subject line.



  • New York City-based to work out of our Manhattan office
  • 3-5 years’ experience in social & digital media at an agency or brand
  • Aesthetic eye with knowledge of graphic design programs including Photoshop & InDesign
  • Strong leadership and time management skills & experience managing a team
  • Strategic, proactive, creative thinking with exceptional long and short form writing skills
  • Strong attention to detail & organization skills
  • Great collaborator and team player
  • A passion for design, art and culture industries and the digital landscape
  • Dedication to the company, the team and the clients we serve


Responsibilities of Role:

Content Development

  • Write creative, channel-specific content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz and more
  • Develop aesthetically-appealing, on brand graphics for campaigns
  • Create influencer partnerships and programs
  • Curate user generated content

Strategy & Operations

  • Develop multi-platform social and digital initiatives for clients in the design and lifestyle space
  • Collaborate with the PR team to create integrated strategies that encompass paid, owned, earned and human media
  • Create and execute brand strategies including content calendars, community management and digital marketing budgets
  • Perform digital audits and analytic reports
  • Be comfortable client facing
  • Create and approve briefs for photo and video shoots and manage freelancers when necessary
  • Track client-related industry news & monitor competitors’ content to develop campaigns that exceed industry standards across channels
  • Lead 2+ direct reports on the social and content team
  • Streamline and optimize social and digital processes to establish effective workflow with clients and internal bde teams
  • Attend industry workshops, conferences, meetups, etc. on an ongoing basis to represent bde and further knowledge of the industry

A Farewell to Summer: Meet bde’s Interns

This summer, bde welcomed two interns to our PR and Social Media departments! Both students of American University in Washington D.C., each brought a unique skill set to the team. Angela DiGiaimo supported the PR side and Savanna Lowe assisted with Social Media.

Below, Angela and Savanna share what it’s like to be an intern at bde.


Angela DiGiaimo, PR Intern


1. What made you interested in being an intern at bde?

Focusing in an industry with such creativity, bde is a PR firm that sparked my interest. All of the clients have such interesting histories and products, so I knew that every pitch and project would be exciting to write with such intriguing inspiration. Being my second summer interning with bde, I knew that the team is also warm and open. From the start, they wanted to help me experience and learn even more about the PR field to be successful in the future.

2. What was your favorite part of the internship & why?

Writing pitches has been my favorite part of this internship. All the feedback and tips I received from the PR team were beneficial for me to be creative and take ownership of pitches. It was also exciting to see the success of my pitches picked up by various outlets and bloggers.

3. What’s the most important thing you learned about the field this summer?

Thriving in the PR field takes diligence and a measured hand. Any communication you have with the media needs to be personal and individual, so I have learned this summer how crucial it is to cultivate a relationship with the contacts you are working with.

4. What are your tips for being a successful intern at bde?

My first tip is to not be afraid to ask questions, whether it be about a project or the industry. bde has years of experience that you should take advantage of. Tip number two is to find a way to organize all incoming emails that works for you. With multiple pitches in the works, you do not want to miss any response or opportunity for potential placement.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

Every day at bde has been a blessing. I could not have asked for a better group of people to learn from. Nicole Ciminera was especially wonderful to work under as she supported me in every way for me to make the most of this opportunity. As my second summer comes to a close, I want to thank everyone for such a memorable and valuable experience.


Savanna Lowe, Social Media Intern


1. What made you interested in being an intern at bde?

Having built upon my marketing background through a few different positions, I wished to further explore the burgeoning world of social. My past experiences taught me that I enjoy working most when a creative aspect is incorporated into whatever I’m doing. bde offered an opportunity to immerse myself in an entirely new industry, while learning and actively participating in all aspects of social media management. When I first came in for an interview, I felt welcomed and valued. I could tell the social team would be awesome to work with!

2. What was your favorite part of the internship & why?

My favorite part of this internship was sitting in on meetings during brainstorming sessions. I was able to use my creativity and openly provide input. Hearing ideas from other team members gave me a better understanding of bde’s clients and the terminology used in social.

3. What’s the most important thing you learned about the field this summer?

Plan ahead and stay organized! I never knew what content calendars were before I started at bde. After assisting with my first calendar, I understood the importance of posting consistently and featuring various products/types of photos. In order to accomplish those two things, you must prepare a calendar.

4. What are your tips for being a successful intern at bde?

Although the social team provides a review for each brand, I would advise the next intern to take some time outside of the office to get to know the products and tone of each brand. This will enable her/him to get through assignments faster. My second piece of advice is to keep a thesaurus by your side like it’s your best friend! Well, Google works too. When you’re sitting, writing copy for a handful of Facebook posts, your brain may just run out of synonyms.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

I really appreciate the fact that bde allowed me to incorporate assignments of my choice into the workweek. Kate and Liz made the experience a two-way street, ensuring I had a say in what I got out of the opportunity. It was a pleasure working in an office full of such intelligent, kind, hilarious women! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single day here.






bde Social Byte: Getting Down to Business


Copy of Summer Guide - for Savanna Social Byte 2

The midsummer slump is in full swing, but the social world never stops moving. Social platforms are getting down to business with all new features and sharp upgrades. Trends to keep in mind: sophisticated analytics and measuring capabilities, engagement-building tools and tips, communication made easy, and location-based advertising.

Here’s our ten-minute scoop on what happened in social this month:



  • Smarter CTR and web trafficking metrics, now available. With this new update, businesses can record the number of times users landed on their websites, how many of them were first-timers, and the amount of users that hover over text for brief information before actually clicking.
  • Software firm MomentFeed recently conducted a study proving individual store location pages to be 5x more engaging than generic brand pages. A whopping 84.8% of all engagement happens here, as opposed to the 15.2% on brand pages.
  • Introducing: Explore Feed, a pre-customized, ad-free alternative to the traditional news feed. Although designed to peak users’ interests, this exclusive new feature is sure to knock advertisers off their game, making it a risky move on Facebook’s part.
  • As of recently, Facebook is allowing Page administrators to construct distinct groups within their own brand pages. This is great news for business, as they can grow specialized communities, boosting engagement and building stronger bonds with their customers.
  • This data-collection master finally improves its Instant Articles tool with better metrics. 



  • Community management is key and one negative comment can ruin a post’s likeability. That’s why AdWeek has released a short, easy screenshot guide for how to hide inappropriate comments. Keep your rep. clean.
  • Businesses are over the moon about Instagram’s latest shopping tag feature. Just when things couldn’t get any better, this trendy platform opened up its doors to shopping via Instagram Stories. Now businesses or bloggers can feature products in their stories and request that followers “swipe up to shop.” 
  • Advertising on Instagram continues to expand and gain popularity amongst brands across the board. As of this month, Business Manager introduced new tools for Instagram custom audiences: Video, Lead form, and Business profile. 
  • All businesses want to grow and advance. Sprout Social shares a handful of clever tricks for gaining followers.



  • The amount of time users spend on each tweet is minimal, so the platform encourages brands to capitalize on Twitter video to increase brand awareness, improve brand sentiment, and lift purchase intent.
  • New advanced filters grant users the capacity to mute bothersome accounts. No need to waste time on distractions or get bogged down by negativity with this safety feature.
  • The latest in DM’s…DM buttons
  • We’re thinking about Christmas in July with this holiday ad campaign study featuring EyeSee technology. The experiment boasts exciting results for brands, including a 62% chance ad viewers will purchase the product featured.
  • The keys to Twitter lie in this how-to guide by Sprout. Take advantage of Twitter Sleep, track hashtags, and trick the 140-character limit.



  • Thanks to the latest “Paperclips” tool, Snapchat has enabled companies and bloggers to attach URLs to their posts.
  • IKEA plans to tackle influencer strategy in its upcoming back-to-school campaign using this social platform. With the help of Paperclips, the brand plans to stream interactive videos, instead of posting the usual paid spot.
  • The future of advertising is all about precision and optimization, situated on data collection. Location-based advertising takes the lead as Snapchat explores its new Map feature. The Map will provide companies with the opportunity to target users in areas of interest.  
  • With Instagram and Facebook picking up the pace, this social platform took an intelligible step in the right direction by allowing videos over 10 seconds. Users are no longer limited, which means more content to come!
  • The world knows Snapchat is successful, but here are 3 reasons why.



  • User-friendly and smart is clearly the motto at LinkedIn with these 4 added features designed to advance your LinkedIn profile. Businesses can take advantage of the tools to capitalize on SEO and save time on customer service communication.
  • LinkedIn takes a few hints from Twitter with its new trending topics addition. This is an attempt to build a stronger community and get people talking. LinkedIn is playing catch-up–let’s hope they aren’t too late.


How do you feel social is advancing the interests of the business world? Share your thoughts with us @bdebytes!


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